Posted by: Fabius Bile | March 13, 2010

True Secularism

I won’t deny it, I am a very secular person. I feel that human society should be more concerned with its own betterment, than what exactly happens when we die, or how we came to be. What matters to me is that we are here, and that we must make the best of what we have, and do the best to improve upon our world as a whole. However, despite my own beliefs, I feel that forcing any such viewpoint on others is also inherently wrong, as we all have the right to our own opinions and worldviews.
That said, within The Telling, there is an extremely oppressive society(to say the least) that is “liberating” people of their age old traditions and in essence “Religions”. While living in a fully secular society could, COULD, be quite liberating, as there would be less quarrel between factions (or even inside factions), it is still denying a population their basic rights. So while a society free from religion could perhaps be more focused on the here and now, because in the context of the story, and our own world, there had been established traditions and religions, to suddenly deny a populace of their right to these would be wrong. So “secularism” in this case, would be an oppressing force rather than liberating.
To look at it from another perspective though, we as humans have no idea as to how a society free from religion, as in so free it has never existed before, even looks. Religion or theism of some sort has undoubtedly existed through all of recorded history, so to say that such a society(free from religion) could or could not work is somewhat of an unfair judgment. We can’t really base the claim off of any real evidence, just postulations through writing and philosophy. So in my opinion, a society in which secularism has been the only thing present, it could seem quite liberating. But when we have a background of religion, it seems oppressive, and since we only have evidence of one of these options, the common viewpoint is quite plain.


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